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  1. Tech Discussion
    I would like someone to tell me what AN sizes relate to which metric/imperial sizes. Basically I`m getting a little stuck sorting out the correct fittings I need to come from my Holley fuel regulator, which is 3/8 npt to the braided fuel line I`ve got that is 3/8 or 10mm I guess.Am I right in...
  2. Tech Discussion
    is there any reason why you cant run full brake lines in braided instead of hard line. is it just a cost issue as bikes run braided not hard. wayne
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi there fellow hotroders, anybody out there know where I can buy a roll of stainless steel hard brake tube- bought some many years ago on a trip to the US but can't find it over here,even on t'internet. Thanks Tony.
  4. Chat
    A bit off topic but does anyone know what year these started and a link to it, I cant find anything.
1-4 of 4 Results