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  1. The Shelf
    Oh if I only had the money............ Ebay no 160428810175 ...... Take a look at how much it went for....................... Dave.
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    th350 chevy not bop £125 dials and dash - billet alloy £30 granada mk2 new pads and new pins and clips £25 mustang 2 front spindles £35 mustang spindles and 4 stud discs =108mm ford £55 another set of bare spindles with nuts and bearings £30 4 stud 8 inch ford rear brakes - missing a drum...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    1 x pair of 13" trims rings and caps to fit Herald wheels. (even possibly 13" moon discs...) 1 x pair of 'interesting' sidelights to be used as indicators (gave all mine away ). Bullets, rockets whatever, wing top mount please. 1 x pair of 120mm gauges (speedo + revcounter/aux ones)...
  4. Chat
    With a lot of talk about the swap meet just latly got me thinking ................ as theres no trading before 10am Whats that elusive item that you'll be hunting ?
  5. Chat
    Ok thought I'd post this after I added something to another post.... I assume that most of us have a vehicle that pretty much fills the need at the moment.... Mine is my T ! but what is on your list of 'must have' or would like 'to have' before you die.... or stop driving? Heres mine.. 50's...
1-5 of 5 Results