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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Help me fund my addiction for new shiny car parts please.. Its on ebay, if you're interested place a bid and be lucky:tup:
  2. The Garage
    managed to buy my dream car thanks to steve henry a 1962 corvette it comes with a jim meyer ifs and c4 dana 36 rear irs is fitted with a new 350 ramjet crate engine and rolls on 8x17 torque thurst 2's which will be sold as i plan on using the engine+box out of the nova(roller will be for sale...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    I am after a mk11 Jag live axle (not IRS). If anyone has one for sale please contact me. Cheers Keith.
  4. Chat
    Link to West Coast Hot Rod Association Spring nats!
  5. The Shelf
    Apologies for the initial delays guys but thank you for bearing with us. Due to quite a few entries being withdrawn late on in the competition we were forced to combine some entries and remove a couple of classes. As a result of this i'd like to say a big thanks to bigdavy for agreeing to put...
  6. On Topic
    Live coverage from Bakersfield Famoso Nostalgia Drags ... enjoy
  7. Chat
    A Couple of links some might enjoy 857 Pics 1100+ pics...
  8. On Topic
    Audio Winternats now on click here.
  9. Chat
    Hi All, Last night (Friday) Jack Rabbit Slim were live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. They were on the radio for approximately 40 mins, which consisted of an interview which was worked around 4 of their tracks from their new album, 2 tracks were played straight from the disc and the other 2 were...
  10. Chat
    Just feeding off the back of a thread on Retro Rides about lifestyles and fitting in with the scene. Do you live the lifestyle as well as owning the car? Or do you shun the image and just drive the car? Or both? :D Me, well I'm usually fairly smartly dressed and clean so you'd never know I was...
  11. On Topic 2 Left clicks on the screen for full screen.
  12. Chat
    Kinda of following on from my post concerning 'where do you live, and why'. My brother-in-law (who is somewhat older then me) said to me the other week that he feels that the UK is washed up. If he and my sister were much younger (both retired and feel its too late to up roots) that they would...
  13. Chat
    Out of interest, and cause I'm at home bored shitless.... 1/ Where do you live ? 2/ Why do you live there ? 3/ Do you like where you live? 4/ And finally, if you could move/live else where (in the UK), where would it be and why ? For me: 1/ Nr Boston, Lincs 2/ Cause I bought a Chapel to...
  14. On Topic
    Audio transmission live from Finals on NHRA website now.:tup:
  15. Chat For all you nostalgia fans.:tup:
  16. What, Where, When ?
    Slick 49 live at the speakeasy bar in Epping high st tonight. It's free and there's parking outside, so get your asses down there!!!!!
  17. On Topic
  18. On Topic
    Got here today ( Vasteras Sweden ), It is 90 degrees, the place is alive with 50's yanks, the hotel car park is almost full of convertibles and I can't wait for the gates to open in the morning for the biggest show on earth.............. I will post the pic's when I return.... Wish you we all...
  19. Chat
    Right folks, The events calendar is now up & running :tup: Click on the 'Calendar' button up top and choose 'Events Calendar' :tup: You're all free to add events in there but please try and add as much detail as possible including website links if available. The events you add won't go live...
  20. What, Where, When ?
    Right folks, The events calendar is now up & running :tup: Click on the 'Calendar' button up top and choose 'Events Calendar' :tup: The events you add won't go live straight away as I'll need to approve them to begin with. It's not that i'm going to be saying what's allowed and what's not...
1-20 of 20 Results