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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Howdy, broke the lock on me glove box in a hissy fit so need another. Don't need to lock it, just need another so it can latch shut. If you do got one but no key then it's gotta be unlocked :pmsl: Also front bumper irons for Consul - not sure if ZZ ones are different. :beuj: cheers KJ
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi is anyone out there braking a ford classic 61 -64 as i need a drivers door lock the part with the latch that looks like a snow flake as mine has too much play and wont close properley and the MOT man wont take to kindly to the one i have ..So can anyone help I live in a back water town where...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    does anybody have an electric line lock kicking round they wana get rid of?
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    manuel line lock complete with all pipe fittings as new £30
  5. Chat
    This might not work, but I have seen it done on other forums so thought I may as well try it on here. So go on, post us some shots of your garages, workshops, lock ups, second homes ect 8)
  6. On Topic
    a mate thats got a body shop has come across this at least twice now, on a 68 Camaro, and 68/69? Charger, on the top of the door panel where the pull up door lock comes through, (the type that looks like a golf tee) on both these cars there's been an extra hole in the top of the door panel, each...
  7. Tech Discussion
    I have just discovered a problem with the steering on my Chevy. On full lock the wheels rub on the inner wings (MoT failure). To save the grief of removing the inner wings to form a recess (it can't be done in situ) has anyone ever made some "stops" to limit the amount of lock on a car with a...
  8. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    If anyone has security issues with their car, I sell wheel clamps, these are a quick visible deterrant, the 'jaws' ones fit in seconds, I also supply lockable posts and if you are having problems trying to get a duplicate key cut, I can do that too! take a look on my website
  9. Tech Discussion
    What's the safe minimum steering angle for a full lock? Difficult to explain without a sketch but my Golf for example, from straignt wheel to full left lock is 35 degrees. Is there an MOT set minimum? Or what are you guy's using? Yes I'm tight for space! Cheers. Tim W.
  10. Chat
    I often get a lock up on here when opening a new page then have to go to task manager to get out, running vista the problem's only on here, anyone else or just me?
  11. Chat
    Want to fit a line lock to my 57 (just for safety, incase the handbrake fails officer) Who's the best company to get 1 from ? (& for the least money)
1-11 of 11 Results