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    It wont let bazza log in si,help needed,or he will hang
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    i need a bit of advice on changing details on log book please pm a phone number if you can help and i will call you cheers in advance , rob
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    Please read the for sale rules -->***-rules-classifieds-forums-please-read-before-posting-***-13902
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    Barry just phone me. Swearing and cussins no change then. Can any one here help him out before the PC goes through his window he can not log on.:tdown:
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    hi just wandered if anyone can help me out, i was wandering if i had a log book for a an unmodified car e.g. a stock 100E, then stuck a 2 litre pinto in it. can i just send it off to DVLA to change it then job done, or they gonna want me to get it SVA tested?? never had to deal with this...
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    This is the car that was found in storage with a 427 Galaxie... the guy must've been a serious speed freak importing a 2 year old Yenko Camaro :smoke: