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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    still want a long car radio aerial about 5 foot long someone must have one in the shed ??:pmsl:
  2. Chat
    Following up on Men can do anything, Elmo has fixed one light outside today, bought Dec 08! still another to go ... Are you worse or do you buy, come home and fix
  3. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Hi All New Project Forces sale Of My Fuck Off Big Pick Up. Ex USAF, Resprayed 2 Years Ago. Long MOT, Not Mint But A Nice Drive And Good Fun. If You Dont Want To Be Noticed This Is Not For You Call Or E Mail. may PX Motorbike . [email protected] 07951 723983
  4. Tech Discussion
    I'm after a set of 4 u-bolts for a 3" axle case but they need to be 9" long, any traders on here got anything in stock? Or any one able to recommend someone? Thanks Gotzy
  5. On Topic
    Here are some Pictures from a trip LA ,that I took In March as you would expect the weather was great, I was all worn out when I returned , I asked myself the question why did I not go in April , when all that ash is in the air , trip would have been extended somewhat. Anyway back to the...
  6. Chat
    I see a member started a thread in the rant section asking how long before they get over no smoking. I would like to asked the same question about drink. For rougthly ten years I have drunk about the equivelent of 3-4 double vodkas a night. I never got drunk it just became a habbit after a long...
  7. The Garage
    managed to buy my dream car thanks to steve henry a 1962 corvette it comes with a jim meyer ifs and c4 dana 36 rear irs is fitted with a new 350 ramjet crate engine and rolls on 8x17 torque thurst 2's which will be sold as i plan on using the engine+box out of the nova(roller will be for sale...
  8. Chat
    Two car lovers are re-creating the world-famous London to Sydney rally in a Hillman Hunter - the model that won the last race in 1968. The epic adventure takes John Lewis and Barry Hawgood racing through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. The petrolheads hope the classic car - a...
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    i want to start building a engine for my next drag car now i have sold the mustang so am looking at the moment for a big block bottom end or even bare block with end caps and oil pick up and sump if possible as il be replacing all rotating parts and the heads if anyone knows of a block lying...
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    old custom ariel about 6 foot long wanted
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    does anyone have a copy of microsoft Office Home and Student with one 'install' left on it ?? the g/f has got a lappy with windows 7 installed but needs the above to use for her OU course, didnt really fancy buying a new one as it's only going to be used the once so if anyone has one kicking...
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted long whip aerial, about 6 foot long that were about in the 70s
  13. Tech Features
    If its in the car,run it to operating temp and slowly pour some ATF down the carb.As soon as you see white smoke out the exhaust turn the engine off. Your cylinders and valves are now lubed for lengthy storage. Good to go.
  14. History Archive
    This is my dads (harris66) little photo collection from long marston. Hope you all like :D :tup:
  15. What, Where, When ?
    We go 12 months a year at the Butty Run, let's see who brings the daily in December!
  16. History Archive
    This is footage from Long Marston (Avon Park, Shakey etc!) in 1987 when my old man was crewing for Roy Wilding and his Buick powered slingshot. I enjoyed many a happy weekend in my youth going along and watching the team and the racing. Kindly donated by Nick at Time Travel I decided to edit it...
  17. Tech Discussion
    I've a new long clutch, fits Ford 302. Problem is it needs a wide throw out bearing, none of the Yank parts people I've tryed can help. The common top loader bearing won't cover the short fingers by at least 1/4 inch So I'm trying to id' the clutch, the only markings are ' MODEL 10 CF ' any one...
  18. Chat
    Well then you great bunch of "RnS" people in trying to find pictures of the late rob long`s camero that i think was a super gas car in the 90`s so what have you great bunch got for me or point me in the write direction....the car now belongs to paul jackson of vwdrc fame and is under...
  19. Chat
    Just picked this up today! 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special. Was one of the most expensive luxurious cars you could by in 1960. I've been fortunate enough to drive a good few nice cars but this thing is amazing, it drives like new. It's really solid and straight, just needs a little paint...
  20. Chat
    How long have you been working on your ride ? Long term / short term ? I've had my 57 Chevy since Dec 04. Brought it home on a truck & a quick makeover has turned into a 4 1/2 year rebuild ! Hopefully it will be finished next year. :D I've never driven it properly yet due to having a broken...
1-20 of 24 Results