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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Snap On type storage cabinet with roller shutter door. 48w x 24d x 39h. Lock is bust but easily replaced if required. £50SOLD 2x Small Block Chevy books. £12pr inc postageSOLD 2x Fifties American Car books. £12pr inc postageSOLD 1955 -1957 Chevy Powerglide Adaptor for V8. £50 Pair of new...
  2. On Topic
    Tragic news , dread to think of the damage done but at least nobody was seriously injured according to latest reports . "High winds shred tents at Russo-Steele car auction in Scottsdale"
  3. On Topic
    This is the last lot of Pics , I may have more but i need to find them , I hope you have enjoyed them so far , i hope to post some Drag Racing Photos from about the same time, very soon.
  4. On Topic
    Found it fella, through a link off the good ol UKDRN!!!........:tup: thought id add this link for everyone to see, theres some really good stuff on it,,, enjoy!..:smoke: Sid.
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    by popular demand , The Night We Bombed The Sheffield Lot ,or the night of the frock job :lol: :shake::incheek: Please note that at no point were any tri chevys harmed in the making of these pictures :cool:
1-5 of 5 Results