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    Looks interesting, has anyone watched it? Not sure why Clarkson comments in it, he don't understand muscle cars
  2. History Archive
    Check out this film of this pre Pro/Mod doorslammers racing heads-up! Top Sportsman Cars were the fore runners of Pro/Mod & filled dragstrips with there side by side 7 & 8 sec runs! If you remember Norm Wizner, Robbie Vandergriff, Richard Earle & Charlie Carpenter, then you will love it! This...
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    Well yesterday I dissassembled the front of my garage to get my Mercedes out.Been in storage for so long, started first time and ticked over quiet and smooth. I couldnt remember how to turn the compressors on to charge the air,so had to get out the wiring diagrams I had stashed. Ah yes ,now I...
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    love this design and want it on a t shirt....:tup: XL please with my name on it...
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    Well my van's starter motor gave up so I can't move it. It's currently parked outside on the street, but because i couldn't park outside my house it's actually parked half in front of next door, half next door but one. Said next door but one neighbour has a pristine garden, and regulalrly...
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    Ive had another 4" or so over night :tdown:
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    The weather here is awful and we live in a main road and its at a almost standstill, hope you are all safe and well.
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    I think weve all been there...........:pmsl: couple of questions............. who is it? and did the car ever get built? ive no idea by the way, .............. but would love to know if he realised his dream.:bigsmile: Sid.
  9. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Tell me you don't Love this 55 When we came across the '55 Chevy owned by Loren Harris of Blue Ridge Auto Body we had to find a place for this beauty on the ProCharger blog. This car was found on a farm and taken to the shop where it was transformed into what you see today. The engine is...
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    ...wheeler dealers! what a great programme :D
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    Hello All I have come back from a nice afternoon in Shoreham and thought to myself what a great time I am having. About 2 - 3 months ago I was sitting in my front room 46 years old and children almost gone and thought how can I make my life better. I went over to beuleigh on a Sunday, peak...
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    E-bay is full of bargains, look at these lovlies :scared: What the f........ Who did this and WHY??? Nice rad.....
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    great to see evrything 'flowering'! :tup:
1-14 of 14 Results