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    Appologies if this has already been posted but I came across this a while back,
  2. Chat Thats more than lucky!!!
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    As lucky as him......:beuj: Bob….
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    Hi Huys , We have just updated our website with an end of season review with some new pics. Go to Cheers....:tup:
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    Jeez, someone was looking down on him at the time :eek: *don't worry, it all ends good
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    Anybody see this on ch5's nhra programme this week
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    i drive an artic for a livin, got 6 points on my licence both for cameras, 4 mph over,just had another through,motorway shuts divert past the belfry lichfeild road, 50 limit, censor pads 40 for a truck gets me at 46.sends me a fixed penalty, trouble is the company i am with will not employ...
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    Hello. So just now I am going home with a Chinese takeaway when an ex pupil at the school where I work recognises me and says hello. He was a pupil at school just 4 years ago. He says he works for a motor magazine. I ask him which one he replies Motor Sport. (Lucky Bastard). He says he is being...
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    I have 8 off Lucky 13 T-Shirts to sell. I bought a lot of 13 and have kept one of each design and now want to move the balance on. £7 each or two for £13. Can take to Supernats or P and P at Cost. All Size medium.
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    i was just floating around the hamb board and saw this kids 31 coupe! He's only 16 n all ,building 2 year. The good news is that me dad said when i get me anglia or pop for me daily, i can start me rod :cool: but am planning a list of parts i want so it will take me a long time 2 build with...
1-11 of 11 Results