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    does any one know where i can get some door glass cut for my truck it is flat ,,:D
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    had a email from friend today .....that made me piss myself they say honesty is all ways the best ????? This got the whole of Sydney laughing. Read it and you'll see why! Just imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work and hearing this. Many Sydney folks DID hear this on the FOX FM morning...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Home made english wheel,6 foot tall,one lower tool,with top wheel perhaps 7 inch diameter,thought i needed it,took as part payement of job,but dont need it. May need cladding to stiffen and probably needs a bit of work to make it very good. Worth looking at ,would go in van and one person can...
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    you have to give it a minute as he pulls some great faces :D
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    Te He........................
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    we need a pair of rear coils making to our spec for the a40, anybody sugest anywhere, midlands based would be good :tup:
  9. Tech Discussion
    Who here has fabbed their own pedals, or whole pedal boxes even? Got any shots of them? Is it hard to do?
  10. The Shelf
    i love this thead , not many people get to see your handy work , this is a great way to show of those models well done who ever thought of this, this is a selection of other models laying around the house, and this is alot of unmade models i want to do , no time one day maybe this is part...
  11. Tech Discussion
    I've a new long clutch, fits Ford 302. Problem is it needs a wide throw out bearing, none of the Yank parts people I've tryed can help. The common top loader bearing won't cover the short fingers by at least 1/4 inch So I'm trying to id' the clutch, the only markings are ' MODEL 10 CF ' any one...
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys i need a one off exhaust made for the consul and was wondering if anyone knew of anyone they would recommend to do the job and at a reasonable price i want a single functinal lake pipe in stainless any help would be much appreciated:D
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    I know this sounds . well , wierd !but there is a reason and i shall explain , you see my mate (no names mentioned ) usually comes up the workshop and machines up a bit for his car as my lathe has a bigger -erm hole up the centre . so rick ,dam i mentioned his name , comes up today to machine...
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    more looks than the limos,more pics taken than the limos:D just got to get it finished now.. i hope ive made his day:tup:
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    i was on Retro Rides on a thread about whats the point of lowering a car and this little gem was on there its made my day:pmsl:
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    found this link on retrorides forum , thought it might be of interest on here.
  17. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    and that's not just an idle boast..... Rad Rods By Ray Gun Industries...Vol 1, 2 and 3.... such diversity as the Super Nats, Billing, Hot Rod Holiday and the Hayride, interviews with Holmesy, hear Keith Harman say "earstwhile", hear Langy swear...alot! take a look round Mart's workshop, pikes...
1-17 of 17 Results