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    Got in contact with Tony Thacker, one time editor of Custom Car magazine and now works for NHRA and run the Wally Parks Museum State side I enclosed part of he's E-Mail to me as it may be of interest to a lot of you out there "I don't get back to England much. Maybe every couple of years...
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  4. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted 8x15 jag pat mag slots or something near anything considered tel 07909334256
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Cobra Supaslot 14 x 6" Slot Mag 5 stud 114.3mm PCD For sale due to my discs/calipers being too big for the wheels. Please note that I have polished one up, the other needs polishing as you can see in the picture. They are in a 'used' condition there are marks and road rash scratches etc...
  6. On Topic
    Anybody else not recieved theirs yet?
  7. On Topic
    Can anyone tell me what issue this car was in ? Its Rick Dores 36 "Tangerine Dream"
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    as some of you know the apprentices i train have been asked to build a sleigh to use next christmas to raise money for charity. they have been working hard (a lot in their own time) to source materials etc. we still have a lot of stuff to source, they asked me if we could put alloy wheels on...
  9. Chat
    Just had a quick look through this months CC fantastic alot of the old rods being reborn:tup: Go to jez r he was first by a wisker
  10. History Archive
    Did anyone on here go on any of the holidays to the US with Street Machine ? I went in 1990 ( I think ) to LA for the Pamona swap meet then two days at the world finals :D First week stayed in a hotel opposite Disney then moved to the Holiday Inn at Santa Monica. Remember going to a diner on...
  11. The Shelf
    Where can I get Scale Auto Mag over here ? I want the latest Feb '10 & June 09 issues.
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Pair of NOS daisy mag centre caps £20. John 07906839776.
  13. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    This i think the Best cover of the old Tri Chevy Classic Journal 1980. I think Chris Allen may have done it. The Mole. IF:tup: you can zoom up on it look in the crowd say no more.:tup Might have to wait for pic photobucket not working.
  14. On Topic
    Wooop! First time I got some photo's in print! 7 to be exact :oops: Check out the article on Wheels USA :tup:
  15. Stuff - FOR SALE
    set of 5 not quite matching but very fetching centre caps from some old Toyota (or probably several old Toyotas). Would look great on a set of slot mags or whatever. £10 couple of quid sees 'em posted right to your door (UK only)
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Cadillac 425 V8, all complete except carb (and maybe some of the emissions junk). No trans but takes the standard BOP fitting TH400 or whatever. Not siezed, I never saw it run but they guy who sold me it says it does. £295 ONO. Capri II bonnet, NOS, never fitted to a car, some "storage rash"...
1-16 of 16 Results