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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Could some nice person make me 4 of these door strikers in stainless steel.I have been told they ned to be made on a milling machine.Thanks
  2. Tech Discussion
    Jaguar rear calipers needs bubble flare brake pipe ends to seal properly. I have been told two different ways to make these flares: 1. Buy a bubble flare tool. 2. Use the more common 45 degree inverted flare tool and skip the last operation (the one that inverts the flare). I have a good 45...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Been having fun in my truck this weekend but have noticed the rear wheels are hitting the arch and rubbing with nothing in the bed! Its My 55 F100 which already had some sort of leaf springs on it(not F100). I flipped axle on the springs to lower it which leaves 2" between tire and arch, but...
  4. Chat
    Any of you have this come up on your Pc, Dont worry its not a Virus but it sure looks like one with no Security Certificate I didnt click on it ....:shake: But its about Microsoft's European browser ballot...... theres plenty on it if you do a search...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi, after reading another thread about radiator set up and puke/expansion tanks. I got to wondering why my rad doesn't have the old school tank along the top and bottoms? Is it just that modern rads are made for cars with lower frontage so it's purely a 'there's more width than height'...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Mrs W is looking for a hard tonneau for her '91 Chevy Sportside. Just wondered if anybody on here is capable of making one, or has anybody built their own and can share ideas, hints & tips. :P
  7. Chat
    I know you can !!!
  8. Chat
    Didn't do anything with my Camaro yesterday but I did do some stuff to my mate Darrans recently acquired '67 Mercury Cougar. It was a bit of a plain jane in just white, so I added some Trans Am inspired graphics & painted the hood with a satin black stripe. Not bad for 3 1/2 hours work, what a...
  9. Tech Discussion
    After looking at a thread where the owner is boring an engine +30 on a 454 if it would make a lot of difference and what sort of power hed get with the 468 with a blower Would you say that the compression ratio on his 468 be too high for his blower on the street (if he ever drives it on the...
  10. Tech Discussion
    anyone know the best way or tips on how to make atube front axle using mk1transit tubaxles? what thickness/size tube etc. any tech features on the subject? ian
  11. Chat
    When I'm grumpy they never ever fail !!!!! Check out Steven Lynch on You Tube, seriously sick !!!! My Favourite ? Special Ed !!!! And "Boro Pat", banned from You Tube but search on Google !!!
  12. The Garage
    Got to strip the zodiac for a complete re-spray, lots of grime in the car over the 40 yrs plus, but getting there, will be completed by wheels day next year, anyway that's the target. Roof & Bottom half now in paint :tup:
  13. Stuff - FOR SALE
    This is also up over the road so first come first served, Two UNUSED 295/50/15 tyres, fitted to wheels but never seen the road, was asking £100 BUT OPEN TO CASH OR PAYPAL OFFER, really need these gone as i have to move them daily! collect from guildford surrey or if really pushed [ and paypal'ed...
  14. Tech Features
    I used to post crap like this on the NSRA forum but thats history for us guests, then decided that what I had to say wasnt really that interesting to anyone, so stoped posting altogether, but I think this post might encourage some folk to have a go at a wee bit of metal bashing. Please dont...
  15. Chat
    Appologies if this is a repost but it seems like a "good cause" thing and so I said I'd spread the word 'cos I'm a sucker for sick kid stories. I've lifted it from Retro-Rides but its being organised by the Charnwood Car Club. "we're trying to arrange for a super car meet on Thursday 27th...
  16. On Topic
    Hi All, I am looking for a set of lowering blocks and U-bolts for a Morris Minor but to no avail, so it looks like I willl have to get a set made up specially, I am not too worried about the blocks it is the bolts I am after. If someone out there is in the business of making such things or...
  17. On Topic
    First, do some preliminary work at your workplace, especially on a veeery quiet Saturday morning, bend up some 35x3 steel tube to create a lower bed side rail, incorporating an up and over for the axle, cut some more tube (25x2) for the top rails, some 12x1.5 for the upper 'hidden' rails, bend...
  18. On Topic
    I was reading another thread in which a member had posted that whilst at the Nat's last weekend he had met a few people from the forum's... The fact that he had his screen name on the back of his shirt helped, Funny really I was actually going to do that too, but for one or two reasons I...
  19. History Archive
    A little info would be handy so I put these photos in the right place. (sad anorak that I am) Some are old photos, some recent. Cheers, Bob.
  20. Chat Sid.
1-20 of 23 Results