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    hello all i have a question for your opintions and or help now ive spend alot on my engine and it only seems right to make a big bore exhaust i seen some on ebay witch are £168 i think but i can make it for £60 so im gonna go for it so my question is is it critical where the two 38mm...
  2. Chat
    hi all whos watched or watch's that how its made on Quest its so cool and when i watch it im quiet and just transfixed (is that the right word lol) iis simple things like ice cream cones waffle types that u dont think how its made look it up you'll love it :tup::tup::tup:
  3. Tech Discussion
    Im having trouble finding how to get the steering right on my T. Ive got a pair of steering arms on the bottom and a hoop at the top of my spindels that will have a bar coming from the steering box. The big problem is my car is having coilovers on and they sit right in the middle of where my...
  4. Tech Features
    Hi Folks Sometimes just cutting a slot in a panel to go around an exsisting part just isn't enough, and begins to look like every other panel. I had to fill in and area behind a grill to feed more air towards the radiator. They are commonly known as baffles ! ! So I started out with a...
  5. The Garage
    This is my latest project i'm building a pickup out of a sedan body, shortened 12" chopped 4" and modified within an inch of its life... all wood removed and replaced with steel, flat fire wall ... soon to be fitted with a small block chev once i get the chassis built. Not sure weather to make a...
  6. On Topic
    I know someone was making Cortina suspension kits using lazer cut parts but who was it? I need a spacer making to move the headers 1/2" away from the head on my sbc to clear the clutch mechanism, unless anyone has a better idea.... P.:D
  7. Tech Features
    Hi Folks This door skin is really a simple panel , just getting all the braking lines in the panel is key. The panel has a very minor very low crown from the front of the skin (hinge area) to the rear (striker area) . I am still tooling up for the doors I am making repair panels for but I...
  8. Tech Features
    Not all door bottoms are just a flat bucket, this one in particular had a reveal or swage in the bottom. here is the flat with the template lines for the reveal . Here is the bottom with the reveal and the other contours worked into the panel here it's fit to the bottom.
  9. On Topic
    Think it was a guy called Mark or Martin, tried the number I had but it is not connecting. Anyone point me in the right direction?? P.:D
  10. Tech Features
    I have been asked to show how to make a simple mould, for the coupe I needed a 30/31 visor copied from one I borrowed from a friend. It needed to be a two peice mould so I started by waxing a flat work surface, a kitchen work top is ideal but I suggest you remove it from the kitchen first as...
  11. The Garage
    Made a start on my 100e chassis today. Started doing the front main rails that I have made a kick up to get the front of the car a bit lower here are a few pics :tup:
  12. Chat
    Howzit,am a bit crap on the pc side of things :shake: so not sure how to make a pic of my car small enuf to use as an "avatar" any help would be good...Cheers!
1-12 of 12 Results