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manual gearbox
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  1. Tech Discussion
    I'm after a Chevy S10 shifter and I've read that a Camaro shifter should fit but also a mustang shifter should too. Although the mounting plate is rectangular rather than square. I bought a mustang shifter hoping to just drill 2 holes to relocate it but the ball was too small for the cup...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi there, as it says above, I need a 3 speed manual transmission for a 1965 6 cylinder Mustang or internal parts. In particular I need a cluster gear and 2nd gear. The trans has a top cover held on with 4 bolts. Cluster gear 33-27-19-14 and a 2nd gear with 24 teeth. This trans has...
  3. Tech Discussion
    My original manual gearbox in a '53 Chevy Stepside 3 speed column change used to jump out of top gear. A replacement box was fitted which still jumps out of top gear but not as often as the first. Does anyone know of where I could get the first gearbox rebuilt? Preferably Midlands area but...
1-3 of 3 Results