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  1. Chat
    Si With the show season around the corner and the Events Calendar filling up nicely, I was wondering, is there any plans for a map showing where events are located so that you can see at a glance what is going on in your area. I do not know how easy it would be to link such a map to the...
  2. Chat
    si, ive seen on other forums in the past. a map with little balloons showing members locations. i was thinking could/would it be possible to have one pin'd to the menu bar so we could see at a glance the membership spread. just a thought :) you can move this thread to another section, now you...
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Hello all, I've just updated my website for ROMSEY'S ANNUAL CLASSSIC CAR & BIKE MEET with a detailed map showing the new larger show area & recommended public parking areas. If thinking of coming along, please be sure to check out this map & classifications. Hope to see lots of you there...
1-3 of 3 Results