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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    This Is a Snap on heavy duty construction blast cabinet, Heavy duty steel construction,unlike the Chinese has extraction so, you can see what you are blastng, . I have a new piece of glass with it as the other one worn, with blast media.The gloves where bought a year ago so are in...
  2. Chat
    Nowt to do with cars at all, just a proud dad ... Ok, a little background to these. Last Thursday i was asked by the camera club to take my little studio setup down and show them how it worked and let them try a few shots with it. So i asked Amy my daughter if she fancied coming with me and...
  3. On Topic
    anyone know of a decent sand/media blaster & also need a powder coaters in Bedfordshire area ?? Prefer if it was someone on here who can do either/both job(s). Not urgent but i dont really wanna be waiting weeks for it to be turned around either. cheers si
  4. Chat
    Put my computer on this morning I'm with virgin media so its my home page,they do little video clips, anyway one showed a heads up display that projects on the windscreen that GM are working on fair enough technology moves on probably a good one PRESCRIPTION WINDSCREEN:wtf: I...
  5. Tech Discussion
    got a customer who wants his bedford cf body shell acid dipped to remove old paint & rust have tried surface processing but it is too big for them, anyone know of/used any other companys for this or should we just get it media blasted any thoughts?
1-5 of 5 Results