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  1. History Archive
    Robin Cook has been into cars since 1978 and has taken many, many photos from shows over the years. There is currently a Facebook page @AcrossTheDecades where these pics are being uploaded to, but as it was only started a couple of months ago there are still a lot more gems to come...
  2. Chat
    Moving on from the cars your parents had thread, were there any cars or car related moments that stood out for you when you were a kid that might have influenced you? This was the mid sixties, I was around 6 or 7 years old and I remember a chap down the road had a couple of Ford Fairlanes...
  3. On Topic
    now this isnt a plug for the sale of the car i was just wanting to say how gutted ill be to not crew this car again. every time i see this thing it makes me smile ive rode in it worked on it watched it grow and evolve into what it is now the memories will live forever as they allways do with...
  4. History Archive
    This thread is for all those old pictures that are out there.... Shades of the past, things from days gone by and distant memories. Found this little ditty on the net........ Loads out there I am sure What ya got............:?:
  5. On Topic
    queing outside when the mini with th BIG exhaust drove past.silly as f*** but it made everyone smile. being well confused by the ferrari/lambo replica guys with their chromed up jag v12s.fantastic detailing but you could get a real one for that!. joining the crowd watching the model posing on...
  6. History Archive
    Just found this on You tube, great footage of the old days. Please post your old pic's and videos and tell us your stories from days gone by......
  7. History Archive
    Quite simple really, al i wanna know is what vehicle was this?, & lets see some photos of the whole car or whatever it was? notice the orangey coloured front wings. Pic is probably late 70s early 80s & is from the ian walker collection, & i think the vehicle is facing you....:?::?::?::smoke:.
  8. Chat
    some of my snaps from the weekend, well done to all who put on a great show,,,,my first like'd this one the best
  9. History Archive
    Blast my boots! Do we have to start all over again? Here's the link to the old stuff on t'other forum: Just a couple to start us off..... John Hockley/Wild Ride --- Archie Mcdiarmid from Brighton Lot ---- and myself with Vanilla...
1-9 of 9 Results