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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    For sale is 63 Merc. It is in daily driving condition, with economical R6 engine. Lot of new parts, like windshield, radiator, heater, headlights, alternator, wheel bearings, exhaust etc. For best to describe, it is a mild custom, the most radical is the headlight bezel treatment. Other than...
  2. Vehicles - WANTED
    Asking on behalf of a friend who is need of a C or E class Merc estate. Diesel prefered, Sport would be better but must have alloy wheel, leather and aircon as a minimum. Not looking for a new one, but must have some life left in it and with a proper ticket. He has a budget of up to £1800 and...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    after loking at my merc properly iv noticed that i have 3x 16" wheels and 1x 15" wheel, :shake: so im in need of 4x 15" mercury wheels, ( one as a spare ) there was some for sale a few months ago but i cant find the ad' any ideas ? loon
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    See this is what happens when you leave yourself logged on and Skimmer gets on your PC, NOT FOR SALE...................EVER!!!!!!!!
  5. The Garage
    funny how things happen,,after selling my 50 merc to mark.,"aka" loon i was offerd another one which i imported the same time as mine,or now loons,,,its running a 350/th350 combo.,.,il be chopping this 4" soon & will post a full build thread soon...
  6. The Garage
    Well today i got my hands on a 1950 mercury 2 door, the body is in a 60 year old condition with some welding to be done but in genral good shape, it has come with a few new bits which are designed for this car so no modifying full disc brake conversion kit under floor brake booster kit air ride...
  7. Chat
    pretty cool....
  8. On Topic
    any seen this merc on ebay uk at the moment? dont know how to link it, so you'l have to go search for it :shock:
  9. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    I am still in touch with the couple from Texas from whom we bought our 49 merc that is in the garage forum. he has emailed me to say he is selling 2 more mercs. And Tims description on ours was spot on and with no dought in my mind i will recommend him to anyone. 1 is a 51 $13,000 drive away and...
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  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    36 Hood & sides V/good with V8 badge £200....36 grill shell V/good but has 3 bottom slats missing & someone has shapped the bottom to look like a 34 Sedan/Coupe Grill.would look good on a Rat Rod..£200 .... 51 Mercury Flathead v8 crank & rods with pistons. £400..36 pedal assembly £80..51 Merc...
1-12 of 12 Results