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  1. Chat
    when looking in some threads i keep getting this up on the screen.. any one else getting it.. steve
  2. Chat
    After a great day out today, I arrrived home to meet the family for lunch. My wife handed me a present she got at a car boot sale this morning. Do you think there is a message in the present? Your advise is needed. :shake:
  3. The Shelf
    sjb you have a private message. R.H.
  4. Chat
    Missus has a kind heart, always takes the trouble to put food and water out for the animals in winter. Apparently not appreciated by one visitor though !! ? :eek::pmsl:
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Just notice its your birthday Ron, have a great day Ken. I am sure Bob will go over the top when he knows its your birthday Ron.:incheek::shake: Just notice i have put in History can it be moved to Tri-Chevy Forum.
  6. On Topic
    I have been in touch with El Landlord and he's given me permission to announce that the Mopar Muscle Association Message Board is open again to non members, after being locked down just prior to the Mopar Euronationals. So if you need a fix of Mopar Muscle, you are welcome to pop in and have a...
  7. On Topic
    Guys I am half thinking of driving over to the peterbgh show Sun. Is anyone else going? Still not read anything to confirm the gate price on the day? Ant that bench seat is going to fit a fu**ing treat in the 32, unless someone comes up with a good looking pop before I get time to fit it...
  8. Chat
    There seems to be a few asking questions about this (I reckon it's just to boost the post count to get in the adult area). There was a user on here that was sending out spam private messages. Those messages and the user have now been removed however chances are you'd have had an email telling...
  9. Chat
    ı have been a sad gıt ın turkey watchıng the bbcworld servıce and cnn ı cant remember whıch one was showıng ıt but there ıs reports of the GPS system havıng quıte a few satellıtes reachıng end of lıfe whıch wıll result ın a badly or non workıng satnavs now you mıght thınk thıs nothıng to do wıth...
1-9 of 9 Results