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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    Another clean sweep at the Bowling Green Cruise in Lichfield last night, HRG2, 3 and 4 cleaning up another 300 points! For the first time in NSCC history there is not only a clear leader at this point in the season, but one with a massive lead! Can anybody stop James Murray???? I'm off to the...
  2. On Topic
    Does anyone here know if theres anywhere in the Midlands i could get an Ally bonnet louvred? Cheers y'all Dan:tup:
  3. On Topic
    I'm ready to chuck in the towel with the Chevy, I just cannot get it running lean (well, can't get the bloody thing running at all now!!!). Are there any Midlands based experts that can look at it for me? I've asked three garages local who (not surprisingly) weren't interested. I don't expect...
  4. Chat
    hi , im after two steel bars machining and tapping to m18 x 1.25 tpi. the bars need to be 1 1/4" dia and the thread depths to 50mm , total length of each rod 180mm . is there anybody that could do these for me and at what cost . cheers ade
  5. Chat
    Stevie.T and Woodchip (HotRod) suggested tonight that we ought to do a meet up for a spot of karting. Well, this progressed up to how about a little friendly comp between Volkstorque and Rods 'n' Sods. Well, they're up for it. What about us ? Chances are places will be limited but it's open...
  6. On Topic
    Anyone know a signwriter in the Midlands? Thanks to the computer age there aren't many of them about nowadays. I've made my mind up on whats to go on the car and I don't want stickers on the bodywork. I am after a signwriter or someone good at sign writing to do some lettering for me. I'd be...
  7. On Topic
    Trying to find a place in the Midlands that does engine turning. I've got a few ally panels i'd like to do. Also after a rough idea on price. Anyone able to help?? Cheers Dan
  8. What, Where, When ?
    This is a Retro Rides do but everyone welcome. Occurs every 4 weeks, this Sunday 6th Dec being the next one. Happens here: Limes Cafe, Old Rufford Rd, Bilsthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 8TH It's on the A614 north of Nottingham...
  9. On Topic
    So... Anyone going to the Hayride on the Friday from the midlands and further north fancy meeting up en route and heading there together? There are a couple of us from the Solihull area hoping to. Im thinking Warwick services on the M40 around midday ish. Safety in numbers for the fenderless...
  10. Completed or Expired
    Evening all. Small space needed. Is there anyone from the Glasgow area coming down to the Yanks Weekend at Avon Park next week ? Alternatively, is anyone making a trip to/from Glasgow & then back to around the Midlands area at all in the near future ? I need to get a power steering pump...
  11. What, Where, When ?
    Returning after a long absence.... Retro-Rides Midlands Meet The Waterman PH Hatton Warwick (on the A4100 1.5 m N of the A46 Warwick By-Pass, headed towards Solihull) NOTE DATE CHANGE TO AVOID CLASH Thursday 21 May 7pm onwards Everyone welcome. :tup:
  12. RnS Parts Relay Service
    Sorry, but this regular journey has now become very infrequent so I'm going to stop offering this service for the time being. Gary
1-12 of 12 Results