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  1. On Topic
    Are you or do you know of anyone that can mop over/polish a car on site? I have a car that thats been painted reasonably well a while ago but hasn't been mopped after since. There are a few small runs and a fair amount of orange peel. The previous owner made a start on the wing tops and they...
  2. On Topic
    anybody know of a stockist in the birmingam area, and what would you expect to pay for aluminium sheet? and what would be the best gauge for interior door cards etc? paul :tup:
  3. Chat
    Appologies if this is a repost but it seems like a "good cause" thing and so I said I'd spread the word 'cos I'm a sucker for sick kid stories. I've lifted it from Retro-Rides but its being organised by the Charnwood Car Club. "we're trying to arrange for a super car meet on Thursday 27th...
1-3 of 3 Results