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    Anyone into Anglias will no doubt be familiar with the name Milton Race Preparations. It is with much sadness that I have to report that Kevin Wood died this morning at the very young age of 52. You will be greatly missed Kev... More details can be found on
  2. History Archive
    Found this on You tube and thought of you.....:tup: This one is also a great video for the 58 Owners out there Was that really you in that beautiful car............Jeez
  3. Chat
    Just watched Top Gear(I know you all hate it but it makes me laugh) and there was a guy on there who drew a Lincoln in Brooklyn from memory. I think his name was Stephen Middleton? Was this the guy who as a young lad was on TV with you many years back drawing from memory?
  4. What, Where, When ?
    Havoc MCC are having their 1st Custom Show this Saturday 13th June at MK Rugby Club, Greenleys MK12 6AZ. Bikes and Hot Rods. Starts at 11am, i aim to roll up in the Pop at around 12:45 ish. Late Bar and Bands. Overnight camping available. Custom Show up to 6pm £3 or All day £6.
  5. Chat
    I need a really BIG favour if you near and think you could help, please pm me Thanks Jane
1-5 of 5 Results