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    As the years roll on, i'm sure we all wonder how we've allowed this country to become the PC nanny state that it is. As I look back i wish some things (and people) were still about. Maybe its sign of getting old when you think of only a decade or two ago, as the good old days (and I dont mean...
  2. On Topic
    well i saw the lines on the track and the gravel hitting my face but missed this.. cheers to eurodragster for this awesome shot.
  3. History Archive
    Looking through another thread i came across these pics of Geoff Cousins 32 Three window coupe! How come i cant remember it?? Am i just getting old an the old grey matter is fadeing faster than i thought?? Was it featured in Shit Machine or Crappy Car?? If so which one was it?? Answers on a...
1-3 of 3 Results