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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    I've got a mk 2 double cab granada pick up for sale, some of you may have seen it over the years. I got it as i remember reading about the build up in street machine as a kid!! Basicaly it's the shell all the panels, side glass, front suspension (powder coated) it has a complete box section...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all im looking for a set of TCA bush's for my mk2 conny, any help will be much appretiated :) cheers !
  3. Vehicles - WANTED
    Has anyone got one for sale ? Im interested in a running restoration or better . Must have T&T so I can drive it home. I dont mind doing some work but not a full rebuild , Im in Hull east yorks but I am willing to travel for right car. Mk2 zodiac or zephyr also welcome . Please ring (01482)...
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Heres my mk2 4dr for sale, great condition, 37k on clock couple of small bubbles on front of wings & couple more on nsr arch, solid shell , looking for £2500 ono, need to sell to fund my V8 Habit! Im in South Wales Djstaffy
  5. The Garage
    Here is my car that is slowly taking shape. Not quite a custom car yet, but i've not finished. Got some wheels Going white.
  6. Vehicles - WANTED
    I'm wanting a good Ford Zephyr or Zodiac, preferably a Mk2 but a Mk1 or Mk3 considered even a good Consul. I'm looking good to very good condition car, got cash waiting for the right car. Any info on one appreaciated.
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I've got a set of 4 doors for a Mk2 Cortina, shaved handles, no rot. The window frames have been chopped 3" so would need changing, not a big job. They're in the way, asking £20 each or £60 the set. Can probably arrange delivery. Hope to post photos tomorrow.
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    are these bits any use to anyone ? ive got a mk2 propshaft and a mk2 gearbox bolt on crossmember . offers cheers wayne
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Help me fund my addiction for new shiny car parts please.. Its on ebay, if you're interested place a bid and be lucky:tup:
  10. Chat
    Just a few pics for the MK1 and MK2 Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac fans. All from Buckingham today, Agreat day out and weather was spot on!!!!
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi need a towbar for my consul mk2 if anyone can help cheers mark
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    ahhhh put this in wrong section
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted, 4-2-1, 2in manifold for MK2 cortina ? anyone got one laying about they dont want, or know where i can get one cheers Alan
  14. The Garage
    Hi just thought i would put some pics of my consul on here just had a respray just needs buffing and the headlight bezals painting then putting back together will put pics on when totaly finished
  15. Tech Discussion
    Will a stock width Mustang 8" axle fit under a Mk2 Zodiac ? or does anyone know the required axle width for 7 x 15 / 235x70x15 tyres :?: Thank you in advance :tup:
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    lookin for a pair (L & R) rear door glass trims..the s/s ones ,not the painted ones... Only need them posted in the UK...
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    mk2 escort streeing rack complete on cross memeber with antiroll bar and lower suspension arms. This came fronm a kit car so the escort engine mounts have been removed, 35 pounds. Located in Hampshire PO8 9TH
  18. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Mk2 escort rear axle and front struts, front struts are grubby and the disc's have rust on them, the axle look much better but has one wheel stud missing. 100 pounds the lot might split. Located in Hampshire PO8 9TH
  19. The Garage
    Have owned my mk2 since 1992, it has had a pinto in since about 1996. Last year decided to update it . November I sold all the the old Pinto bits leaving an empty engne bay. Then after a couple of months searching the doner Nissan 200sx turned up ,easy 300bhp with a few tweaks. Apparantly...
  20. The Garage
    Here is my 61 consul having a makeover, well more like major surgery. Started it a while ago and thought i would post the pics i got so far ! Not bad for a first car ! :smoke: Gunna put some more up once i found em cheers !!!
1-20 of 76 Results