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    Lisa accidently dropped her phone down the toilet !! from her back pocket.. anyway .. we got a tupperware sort of dish, actually an old takeaway one, took off the back of the phone, took out the battery, buried the battery and the phone in the rice making sure it had a layer of rice at the...
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    I broke the screen on my Nokia N73 the other while loading the van. A mate's offered me his old N73, is it possible to change the screen without having to be either 14 years old or a charmless phone shop twat? I need to get all my numbers & photos off my phone. Thanks in advance.
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    Urgently need to know how to record a mobile phone call? Are there any gadgets you can plug in to the phone? Thank you :tup:
  4. On Topic
    Are you or do you know of anyone that can mop over/polish a car on site? I have a car that thats been painted reasonably well a while ago but hasn't been mopped after since. There are a few small runs and a fair amount of orange peel. The previous owner made a start on the wing tops and they...
  5. On Topic
    Can anybody reccomend a mobile exhaust fitter than can make up a system for my 57 ? I want a s/s system, tucked up as close the body as possible. I cant take the car to them, so needs to be Kent / Surrey based.
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    This made me chuckle, this eBayer really gets down with his target market: " If you think you've saved enough benefit from your 4 children before your 20, this could be the answer to your prayers. A proper bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile if ever there was." Read on...
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    Hi, one of the lads i work with locked his keys in his van, somebody said you can send the remote signal from his spare key via moble phone and should open his van. Well it sounds plausable but it didn't work. Has anybody heard or tryed this out
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    Yep its in chat not in rants I know theres a lot of you out there been done for it but i was wondering if CB's fell into the same catorgory :?: And how many of you lot out there still have n use them :?: Thinking about fitting 1 just for cruise/show use :tup:
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    The firm I work for have a phone package, that includes all company to company calls, and 4500 minutes per month. Certain people abuse their calls, and the gaffer asked me the other day if i wanted to change my phone. In essence, they are offering me £25 a month, to have either a PAYG phone, or...
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    Anybody getting calls on there mobile from 01772 643212 or +1772 643212 ? I've been getting them several times a day, since last friday. When you answer, it goes dead or there is nobody there. Been driving me mad. Just did a Google search & its a company (poss Claims Group Direct ?) that says...
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    Need a pay as you go sim card for yourself or the kids? pop down to Robert dyers where all the networks are one price...99p! well i did say free so grab a Vodafone one then as they come loaded with £1 starting credit :tup:
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    Apparently, as from next week, the Directory of Mobile Phone numbers goes live. All numbers including those belonging to children will be open to cold calling. To remove your number go here.
  13. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Couple of weeks back my daughter came home to tell me that she'd lost her phone at work. Gone in the waste disposal apparently so the next day we went out and I bought her a cheapie as 'she just couldn't be without one'. Guess what. Next day she went into work and they'd found her old one. So I...
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    I don't keep up with mobile phone or mp3 player technology myself so I'm after a bit of advice probably from one of you younger guys :incheek: I need to get my missus a new mobile (she's still using my old Nokia 6110 from 1997 :lol: )and she'd also like a newer ipod with more storage space...
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    I was sent this link through a trade mag, looks expensive.
1-15 of 15 Results