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    For all of you carburetor heads out there..................something to do on a rainy day. ? V-8 and V-12 Engines in Miniature! For all you out there who like big, honkin' V-8's and screamin' V-12 engines, check out these tiny versions that you could run on...
  3. The Shelf
    OK, this is a question rather than aphotos. Way back in the mists of time, Street machine gave away a model of Slick Willy as arize. The model was set up in a wheelie stance and they said that they were going to explain how it's done in a later edition. But they never did. Anyone know how you do it?
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    How about a section just for "Table Top Rodders" (modelling) in the PROJECTS & RIDES section, like the old "SMALL TALK" page that STREET MACHINE magazine use to do. Other modellers can post thier photo's of thier "work in progress" and thier finished cars, pick ups trucks etc, along with tips on...
1-4 of 4 Results