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  1. On Topic
    Hey, I currently have a '97 Chevy S10 extra cab 4.3 V6 and I love the engine and the sound, and it works every day, including 200 mile round trips carrying my MX bike. I also love old trucks, particularly from the '40 to '50s era such as a '48 Ford F1, so I want to combine the two. From what...
  2. Tech Discussion
    i'm the dummy!! ever sincepassing my test many many years ago have always been smitten by old cars therefore have never owned a modern one as time goes on now its gettin more and more apparent that im going to need to put a modern engine in my ride can someone please explain to me how they work...
  3. Chat
    dont no about you guys but i'm not a fan of modern cars,probably makes sence cause i'm on here:S i'm just curious to why they dont fit them with indicators or dipped been anymore? even my old oxfords got trafficators fitted to give other road users an idea of where i'm going. fuck me,if they...
  4. The Shelf
    Ive been collecting (some say hauding:lol::shake:) the modern ones since 2000. Alot of the shops have similer cars being stocked and others you only see the once,and i go in alot of shops.My question is are some of them limited issue:S:?:.I no the Treaser Hunt ones are hard to find but i always...
  5. The Showroom
    jus let me find the cutting torch and spanners n hammers an i can get this how i want it
  6. Chat
    When the PT cruiser was first produced i thought ............. WOW retro build production car ........short lived wow for me Now theres all the old model's being retro built Camaro, Challenger so on and so on Now big bro poped in and said about a rodded pick up he saw local and hadnt seen one...
1-6 of 6 Results