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  1. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone have a diagram or detailled advice on how to do this? Engine and ignition are from 2 litre Sierra and the module is flat black bakelite on an ally heatsink, it's a Motorcraft item with 6 pins. It's labelled 83BB 12A199 B3A. I never had the plug that goes with it so I made one up...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Seem to have a problem with my Lumenition power module. Got a spark but it is so weak it will not fire the engine. New coil has made no difference so guess it must be the power module playing up. Anyone got one for grabs? Do not need the whole kit just the power module. Cheers Gary
  3. Tech Discussion
    One of the many cars I'ev mangaed to break this week is Marians Figaro. :tdown: I had to do a brake overhaul followed by fitting new plugs ( started straight away ) and then rotor ,cap and leads at which point it refused to restart. I refitted all the old stuff and it still wouldn't start ...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    Long shot I know!!!!!!!, Anybody got one they want to sell or anybody know where I can get one?. Thanks, Frank.
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi, got a new k*tcar fusebox module thing going in soon. It has all the items neatly itemised out like Wipers, Flashers, Fans, Horns etc. Thing is on my old Consul it looks like everything went thru the ignition switch presumably with inline fuses!?. (actually there was only a couple of...
1-5 of 5 Results