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    Does anyone have the latest copy to hand that could do a favour for me ? Reply on here or send me a PM. Cheers :tup:
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    ... the outlook was bleak ... A day later and out of nowhere appeared a bright light in the sky. The people felt drawn to this light, compelled to begin the pilgrimage. As they drew closer the light became clearer until finally they saw ... ... ... Beneath this blazing icon in the sky...
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    circa, April 09 I recall being generally quite sceptical about the direction of the rodding scene in UK. Everchanging legislation issues, increasing costs at the pump (despite the oil companies allegedly still making $1000 a second profit), the possible self implosion of NS*A and other...
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    my son in his first hot rod at the age of 5 months. tot rod has a yamaha motorbike engine in still needs work so i used a baby chair to sit him in he was straight on the steering wheel cool.
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    Just got my copy nice feature on lucky devils corvette and very nice it is to. A little bit on the tunnel run with a picture of cabbys gasser. Also a nice article on speed weekend in sweden. Check out the T-bucket looks like fun (santa's new ride:D)
1-5 of 5 Results