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  2. On Topic park full by 9am, some very cool new arrivals, what a fine morning...
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    This is an invitation to our 'Saturday Morning Chop Shop' taking place on Saturday 13th February at Al's Classics. Our mechanic Chris' daily driver is a 1948 Morris Eight. He uses this car everyday, even in the snow! However like most guys it has only taken a little while before the need to...
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    first to say . morning 2010. lol
  5. On Topic
    We've gone through a period of thinking about moving the Butty Run, mainly for car park/serving capacity reasons, but couldn't quite find the right place. Today we dropped in to the Leopard pub in Bishop's Tachbrook, just a couple of minutes from the centre of Leamington and a similar distance...
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    Rumour has it leaving Heston westbound services about 9.15...
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    We used to go to granada tooting to see the films aimed at kids did you, what did you see..... valley of the kings Roy rogers lets hear and see.................
1-7 of 7 Results