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morris minor
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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi, Earlier this month me and my dad bought a new 3 branch exhaust manifold for my 1965, 1 litre, 1098cc Morris minor. The original manifold had cracked so we unbolted it from the block and ground the inlet manifold off {like the moggy forum Advised us to}, we then test fitted the new 3 branch...
  2. The Garage
    Hi Guys, Just finished the build of this car. It is used as the pace car for the Mini 7 Racing Club to lead out the cars before the races.
  3. Tech Discussion
    sup guys... im fairly new to this forum and as some of you may have seen the other day im buying a moggy :)! im planning to chop the roof bout 5-6'' get it nice and low, build some spats and make it into my own kinda Kustom Leadsled thing, get some new anchors on it and a few mod cons and other...
  4. The Garage
    Hey Everyone, long time lurker... figured I would post some photo's & say hi :) (did have an account here but really dont remember username / email etc so easier to start fresh). Bought the 55 morris minor couple of years ago, and is still a driving work in progress. She's called Betty Bones...
  5. Chat
    hello i need help got a ford rear axle and need want some big ass mojo funky rubber shoes like hoosier or beefy van tyres whats the smallist rim size as i think its 15 sorry for the annoying questions thanks u sods
  6. Who are ya ??
    A fellow on the MMOC forum gave me a link to a (re)build thread on your forum - it's the Morris Minor coupe of user woz. I've been looking for build photos of the original for several years in order to find an answer to a question I have about the fill panel in front of the bootlid...
  7. Tech Discussion
    hi all i got a morris minor with a standard 4" 102mm pcd spacing hub (with the bearings in it ) just wondering is there any other car with the same fitting and size but with 108mm pcd (4stud) as i was gonna weld mine up and retap but its cast so weld dont go if im correct thanks
  8. On Topic
    Saw a cool 70s style 4door Morris Minor in town this afternoon - Great Ancoats Street, Manchester about 5pm. It's faded red paint jacked up on chrome 8 spoke style wheels and flared arches. Sound familiar to anyone? Looks like an original build rather than any recent retro rebuild.
1-9 of 9 Results