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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1961 ford classic 1500cc 4 door in turquoise and white. ive only owned this car a few months but lack of work and a new project forces sale motd june but i cant see anything obvious it would need for a retest. new recored rad just fitted ive been using it as a daily driver and has been reliable...
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    FOR SALE. On behalf of a friend. 1971 Roof Chopped, Custom, 1200 Beetle. RHD. Taxed ( exempt anyway ). MOT. Full 4 seater ( im 6'1" & can sit in the back without my head touching the roof ). He has owned it 26 years ( building it on & off ). Finally decided last year to get it finished & on the...
  3. On Topic
    Well my little van passed it's MOT test yesterday without a problem. I had a bit of drama on the way home when a coolant hose slid off an un-flared pipe engulfing the car in steam in nose to tail rush hour traffic :oops: :lol: Decided to have a run to the Ok diner last night with young Kasey...
1-3 of 3 Results