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  1. Tech Discussion
    Following on from my last question regarding pinion angle, My next question is about shocks with leaf springs Im sure that the shocks on four bar and ladder bars are better suited behind the axle Can i run them 1/ In front of the axle 2/ Vertical (left to right) 3/ Vertical (front to rear)...
  2. Tech Features
    very basic this but handy if you have a few brackets to be welded along the same line. these are harness brackets. the brackets mark and drill the hole centes onto a scrap bit of metal.angle iron for this. then bolt the brackets to it position where ever they need to go and clamp for easy...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Here's an odd one. Would it be possible to mount a pop beam axle on to the rear of a 2CV? Okay it's not that straight forward, I was thinking of a way of mounting a beam without having too much showing ie spring/damper etc and someone said have a look at a 2cv and the suspension arms are a bit...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Up for grabs are these Coilover shock mount Kits. They are made from 6mm Thick mild steel laser cut main plates x 2 4mm thick laser cut mild steel shock plates x 4 2 x half inch unf bolts and 4 x unf shock mount plate bolts all with nylock nuts. These are new kits that require welding to...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Before i fit up my ifs and crossmember would i be right in thinking that you would lay it back somewhere between 4 and 7 degrees the same as you would do when mounting a tube or i beam axle. Obviously it will be all set up at ride height initially before mounting crossmember. Thank you
  6. On Topic
    Right I'm looking at possible positions for mouting the 3 point setbelts I have in the pop. Troble is, because I'm tall, the seat is slightly past the A pillar. Anyone got any pictures of alternative seatbelt positions?Cheers, Glyn.
1-6 of 6 Results