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  1. Chat
    I heard this is the movie to watch this festive season. :D .
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Pinewood Studios presents its first ever series of public Drive-In Movie screenings, all of which will be projected onto the world's largest cinema screen - a massive 73.1M x 18.3M Tickets priced per car: standard - £35 / VIP £55 - to include premium parking and service, maximum 4 people per...
  3. On Topic
    During the usual google trawl for filth, I found this site. A comprehensive database of screenshots from movies of 1,000's of different cars, hours of fun and safer trhan internet porn!
  4. Chat
    In a similar vein to the jukebox thread, lets se a list of Hot Rod/Car movies that you guys is one of my favourites... if by any chance you have`nt seen it..get a copy...the sound track is worth having on it`s own...not to mention the delectable Salma...
1-4 of 4 Results