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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    has anybody got a spare SW gauge, same size as the MPH one below. Doesn't need to be working but glass and bezel must be ok to match existing. I'm looking to reprint the face and modify it into a clock. Cheers, Ian
  2. Chat
    i hate to admit it but this comedian works for me.two or three of the trucks went to the truck show at peterborough last year.they got hold of a caravan to stay in,but there were doubts about its tyres and stability at speed. caused a few puzzled looks on the m11:shock:.:lol::lol: carl is a bit...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Probably sounds a silly question but I used to be able to tell what speed i was doing by the rev counter it wasn't precise but closer enough not to start the cameras flashing Now my speedo has packed up in the consul so i was trying to gauge me speed the other day and seemed to holding...
1-3 of 3 Results