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    Dunno if this is the right section?? Does anybody rpair MSDs in this county?
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    msd 7al/2 ignition box complete as new £250 now sold thanks
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    Im gonna put MSD 6BTM on my car when the blower goes on my new engine, but i wanna get the rest of the car sorted in advance. E.G vacuum Pump, Ignition etc. So my question is can i run with a 6BTM without the blower on for now? As its more geared up for the advance curve i cant see that there is...
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    Not happy:tdown: Went to Drayton last week, after driving through the woods several times, the engine bay was covered in thick brown dust pulled up by the mechanical engine fan, got out the jet wash to rinse the dust off from a distance, done it plenty of times over the years, fired the motor...
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    On the first run of the year, the MSD digital 6 on the T failed....actually, it failed 3 times and then gave up the ghost completely. The LED on the top of the unit doesn't light at all. Where can I get it repaired. I have bought a new one but at nearly £300 a pop, I would like to get this one...
1-5 of 5 Results