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  1. What, Where, When ?
    As title. New Harley and Hot rod meeting. The Car Wash Diner - just before Hurst Green on the A21. There will be live music from Pete Tindal, Rattlebone. The food is excellent - especially for non-meat eaters like me! Plenty of cooked dead things for you carnivores ....... There will be some...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Hi We are the Stamping Ground Festival team and are interested in classic American models from the 1930's up until 1971. Stamping Ground Festival takes place at Stonham Barns in Stowmarket, the heart of Suffolk on 7th and 8th September and will be a celebration of Americana, focussing on...
  3. Chat
    HELLO rodders i think this is a ace song to drive your rod with if u cant beat it add it to the thread
  4. Who are ya ??
    Hi, student/musician/slacker from Yorkshire. Long been interested in cars and music. Preferably American Muscle cars and Heavy Metal. \m/ -- \m/ Too many favourite cars to list. Too many favourite bands to list. 8) 'S all for now, cheers. :smoke::D
  5. What, Where, When ?
    Hi All, Great music and all things Americana at the Rockfield Country Music Festival, just outside Monmouth, South Wales, on the first weekend of June. 3 nights and 2 days entertainment from only £17.50 for a weekend pass, which includes free camping (if required). We have some great live...
  6. Chat
    I saw this on MTV and I thought 'I know that truck'! Took me ages to figure out where from!! I won't spoil it for you!!:evil: How many videos can you think of with cars in? Hotrod Girl
  7. Chat
    dont care much for the musical content but thought it quite a cool vid, and with bruce die hard lots willis touting a gun in an el camino it worth a look, kind reminded me of the 70s road movies
  8. Chat
    .....this is for all the Elvis fans.................not!!!
  9. Chat
    after reading queen best band ever i thought about the best thing that has happened to the music scene in my lifetime. in my opinion the best thing that happened to music was in 1976,the birth of punk rock.up until then the music scene was bland and too comercial,groups like mud...
  10. Chat
    This is the mine starting to take shape.
  11. Chat
    Hi All, :tup:I have been meaning to post this link up for sometime, so at last here goes. If you are into 50s Country, Rockabilly or Rock n Roll this site will end up being your first port of call. :D You can search by Artist, Song title, record label etc etc. A lot of the songs on the site...
  12. Chat
    was gonna put this in the jukebox section but as its just for the car content and not the "music" content id give it its own slot, any 1 remember this euro pop marvel from around 86 i guess, ah the summers seemed longer and the roads were quieter? nah im just getting older :pmsl: apologies for...
  13. Chat
    This may sound Dumb ,But My Wife Has got to be THE Biggest WHO fan...She's a Wholagan on their website ...has Stuff plastered all over the walls...We saw them live in Atlanta ,Ga. two years ago .Now I'm hooked and sure would like to put period Correct Who songs (60's-70's) on our In -Production...
1-14 of 14 Results