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    Large Engineering for your Hot Rod and Race Car engineering services from our workshop near Tonbridge in Kent. We can fabricate roll cages and chassis to your requirements for street, strip,trackday or race in mild steel, 4130 chrome moly, T45, etc. Mig or Tig welded. Four link rear...
  2. Tech Discussion
    how hard is narrowing a volvo axle? there is one in my po already and i'd like to loose a few inches each side (3.5") can anyone recommend anywhere near hertfordshire to do it? thanks
  3. Tech Discussion
    has anybody narrowed a volvo 240 axle what are the pitfalls Cheers Dez
  4. Tech Discussion
    what is involved in narrowing an i beam, the one i have is 51 inch wide and would lke to make it 48inch. is it best to cut the 3 inch form the centre and make new batwing plates, or to cut both ends and re weld .
  5. Tech Discussion
    I need to cut an inch off each side or rack,is this straitforward ie cut then put another inch of thread on bar,any metal treatment involved
  6. Tech Discussion
    Another first for me! I need to narrow my MG Midget rack by about 70mm. The thing is I really want to narrow it 50mm/20mm instead of 35mm/35mm. As I know nothing about this stuff I'd like to know if there are any potential issues with narrowing one side more than the other apart from the...
1-6 of 6 Results