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    Hi All, Here are a few pics i took at the swapmeet yesterday. It was good to meet many RnS members and try and put some faces and names together although i am ashamed to say i have forgotten one or two names already that will become evident as i post up some of the pics. I spoke to many...
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    Hi All, Details in this thread. Will be going myself, so look forward to meeting any RnS members that are going. Cheers. Russ.
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Hi All, I have been asked by Mark Ashman (NASC Chairman) if i could post this up on his behalf. Basic details below. 2010 NASC 9th AUTOJUMBLE Sunday 18th April 2010 Raunds Town FC, Kiln Park, London Rd, Raunds, Wellingborough, Northants NN9 6EQ Open to sellers at 08.00 Car park opens 09.30...
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    anyone tell me bout this event? never been before, hows it compare to the nsra event in size? is it worth the day out?
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    For those of you like ourselfs who like to camp on the top camping area at Drayton Manor, it is no more, has been flattened today in readyness for a 150 bed hotel, I am involved in the material supply so been on site today - the good news is the new area at the bottom is nice and dry despite the...
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Shakespeare County Raceway is pleased to announce that the American Star Spangled banner is set to roll out one more time for the Warwickshire drag strips fourth annual Yanks Weekend during the course of a monster three day Bank Holiday weekend - May 29th/31st. Classic and late model street and...
  7. What, Where, When ?
    9th National Auto Jumble Sunday 18th Aril 2010, Raunds Town Football Club.Raunds, NN9 6EQ 18th NASC Springnationals, 7/8/9th May 2010, Drayton Manor Park. 32nd NASC Garys Picnic 29/30/31st May 2010, Shakespeare County Raceway. 36th NASC STREET ROD NATIONALS 27/28/29/30th August 2010, Trinity...
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    when will the 2009 nats dvd be on sale.
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    Some pics from the Nats from Sun 30th Aug.
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    after my thread some time ago saying that i dissagreed with the Nasc charging for kids entry to the Nats and saying that i wouldn't be going, i bowed to pressure from the kids and went. as i have said elsewhere i had a great weekend and so did the kids. the entertainment put on for the kids was...
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    I've got back from the Nats, showered had a meal that included green stuff. I have had one of the best Nationals ever and it didn't happen by accident. The guys and gals and the club members that help them work tirelessly on our behalf and still find time to have a laugh and joke with the...
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    was great to meet a few of you guys on here the nightmares had a great time over the weekend but then we have a good time at what ever show we go to :D . had a battery malfunction with the camera and 2 out of the 3 sets of new rechargeable battery's were useless so I only got just over 130 pics...
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    hi, anyone registered yet? asks for nasc number, i've entered it as on membership card, but it then says must be 7 characters long. mine is only 6 but it is club membership. any help. kris. Original Content added back in by Roadrunna sorted.
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    this is a link to the Nasc website and the reasons for the change in kids entry to the nats,
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    it seems the NASC are charging £10 per child for entry into the Nats this year for the weekend (used to be free) this means that if you are not a member and don't pre enter it will cost you £120 for two adults and two children! guess thats £120 of my hard earned they won't be getting. shame...
  16. What, Where, When ?
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    sorry if you've been flooded out with pics from Drayton and are bored solid of them by now but meh. Here's my contribution. I took looooooads. Here's the (slightly) edited highlights.
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