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    the hot rods and muscles there sounded great and if anyone owned one of the mustangs then please tell me the colour and what type as i saw quite a few and wonder if i would recognise any of them.
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    Had a sort of good, bad n ugly weekend. Here's a few pics I managed to take in between the crewing, trying to get about 30 gallons of water off of the awning in the middle of the night on Saturday and spending most of Sunday with the engine in bits. I love going racing I really do cos we still...
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    ok guys and girls, the nostalgia nats are looking for 4 hot rods and 4 gassers to run at the above event against some vw and some retro fords, this is for a bit of fun, for those that dont no the event (have you been in a cave:D) it has to be pre 1973 to fit or criteria, so if you fancy a go get...
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    For those of you like ourselfs who like to camp on the top camping area at Drayton Manor, it is no more, has been flattened today in readyness for a 150 bed hotel, I am involved in the material supply so been on site today - the good news is the new area at the bottom is nice and dry despite the...
  5. Chat
    Where do all the Rodders who think the NASC Nats as become a transit fest, spend August bank holiday weekend ? is there something that like minded folk could be doing? any sensible suggestions ? I know there are both clubs and non club members who dont attend , Tony
  6. On Topic
    Poor Andy has a toughie up against Tony Shcumacher in the first round today. Andy qualifying with a 8.68et 72 mph. Tony qualifying 3.818et. Go Andy !
  7. What, Where, When ?
    good news for this years nats we can confirm that mungo jerry and his band are he star turn for sat evening ,a fantastic band ,and a car nut too roll on july
  8. On Topic
    is the nasc nats dvd out yet,or may-be soonish?:pcnoob:
  9. History Archive
    found a few pictures from the burnout comp and a few of the party scene not sure what years though.. found in a box of about 1000 car pics will post more soon.. steve
  10. On Topic
    when will the 2009 nats dvd be on sale.
  11. History Archive
    Okay, a few pics from Nostell Priory 1979, when I was nobbut a spotty teen. Dont know much about all the cars but it includes Roger Butterworth's 57, the Ace of Clubs Minor van, the inimitable Satan's Pawn Devon, Street Fighter alongside High Spirits, the Harvest Moon CF, an SS Camaro I know...
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    Thanks to Lou (honky tonkin) ,martin , mike and some bloke called vince , for joining in my impromptu photo shoot ! A BIG , BIG thanks to Edd Weeks for these shots ! :D
  13. Chat
    just heard from lee (bass player) that the mojo kings (fat cat trio) have gone their seperate ways with scott (drummer) and lee staying together while paul (singer) goes on to other things, watch this space for updates
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    Link to Felixstowe TVs coverage of the Nats cruise. Enjoy. Mike.
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    Hi everyone, just thought I'd pop on and share my photos from the weekend. I'm usually trackside at York Raceway taking pics, so you might already know my fotopic site. The finals there clashed this year but we just couldn't miss out on the Nats! Here's the link to my gallery...
  16. Chat
    anyone got any vids from the weekend? never got to see the dancing on my truck as I was driveing!
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    Some pics from the Nats from Sun 30th Aug.
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    after my thread some time ago saying that i dissagreed with the Nasc charging for kids entry to the Nats and saying that i wouldn't be going, i bowed to pressure from the kids and went. as i have said elsewhere i had a great weekend and so did the kids. the entertainment put on for the kids was...
  19. Chat
    was great to meet a few of you guys on here the nightmares had a great time over the weekend but then we have a good time at what ever show we go to :D . had a battery malfunction with the camera and 2 out of the 3 sets of new rechargeable battery's were useless so I only got just over 130 pics...
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    Whats the story behind the screamin yellow chopped Mk 1 escort van, is it an old custom van from the past or a new build, it was on a 69/G reg, sort of looked familiar, sorry no pics, anyone know?
1-20 of 47 Results