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    I'll start. Thrashing round the Foxhall Stadium and being fastest car for a little while!!
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    Street Addict, Freak Show and the lovely Tina Sniper's 2 Street Addict and the 1955 Ford Fairlane And I'm now to post this one on the Humber Club forum Fiona xx
  3. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Afew Tri Chevies at Nats Sunday:tup:
  4. On Topic
    There were some "awesome" bikes at the Nats too, here's just a small selection. I couldn't get decent pics of a lot of them due to the crowds round them!!
  5. On Topic
    Here's my set of snaps from today at the Nationals, somewhat biased in subject matter i admit, but no doubt others will fill in the gaps as to what else was there................ I had a great day walking round the showfield, (first Rod Run I've been to since 1995!!), and met some old mates...
  6. Chat
    Spotted at the Nats today, Vince305 & Evil Mcnasty sporting their new R&S T Shirts!! While standing chatting with them more and more seemed to sprouting up everywhere!! Here's the first "gotcha" pic, more to follow hopefully
  7. What, Where, When ?
    I dont know about the rest of ya, but my memory is crap after a (few) beers, so I'm gonna put my RnS name in the windscreen of my truck. Not only will people from 'the Dark Side' know who I am, I think if we all do it, punters will be scratching their head wondering what all these weird names...
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    Does anybody know of any reasonably priced chippy /takeaways near the Ipswich showground? I'd rather not spend all my money at the overpriced on-site food vans if I can help it. In an ideal world I should take a barby and my own food but i just haven't got the space in the car Suggestions...
  9. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    The title says it all . Come on guys lets meet up face to face , instead of the forum:tup::tup::tup:
  10. History Archive
    a few scans fron the nasc essex nats in 1994
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    this is a link to the Nasc website and the reasons for the change in kids entry to the nats,
  12. What, Where, When ?
    Here yer go. .
  13. On Topic
    I know there's a few threads going on already so sorry to add another. Erm well here's some shots I took of the racing. I like to sit on the grandstand getting burnt and drinking beer and I think that's all I did on Saturday :oops: Good hangover though the next day :S Here's most of my pics...
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    Rite just thourght i would post a link on here for my pics of the Mopar nats. Hope you enjoy Off Wombleing.......[email protected]/
  16. What, Where, When ?
    just confirmend by the pod 2010 dates 30th 31st july 1st aug doesnt clash with nsra
  17. On Topic
    I also have photos from the Mopar Nats on Saturday to go through :)
  18. Chat
    it seems the NASC are charging £10 per child for entry into the Nats this year for the weekend (used to be free) this means that if you are not a member and don't pre enter it will cost you £120 for two adults and two children! guess thats £120 of my hard earned they won't be getting. shame...
  19. History Archive
    Does anyone have pics of nats at Braintree, burnouts etc. Those were the years!
  20. On Topic
    The write-up for the Flathead Meltdown at the Nostalgias is now available on line. Click here to read the report...