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    Hi all. I will be trying to collate the car/driver information at the Nostalgias this weekend. If you are intending to go up the strip, could you please give us some details via Dom Romney's form page or you...
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    were trying to do a shoot out between vw flat4, some hot rods and some retro fords, we have 2 mk1 escorts but could do with about 4 more cars, what we need is 100e105mk1cortinas etc probably 4pot powered,no sierras focus st etc,so if you or mate fancys some fun pm me our put up a post, this is a...
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    It's ok, Folks, plans have changed. She's going to spend the day with her Mom instead, helping me in a roundabout way. Thanks anyway. My Daughter would like to come to the drags Sunday Morning. She will be in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Is anyone passing...
  4. What, Where, When ?
    27/28 june at shaky raceway most people no the event by now, but for the ones that dont here go,s run what you brung (pre 72) outlaw anglia,supercharged outlaw, wild bunch,jet car, andy frost will be doing demo runs which last year was awsome, live band on satarday, disco till late friday and...
  5. What, Where, When ?
  6. What, Where, When ?
    July 24th-26th :tup:
  7. What, Where, When ?
    anyone going to spring nats at drayton manor ill be there with some mates :D