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    Now they would look nice in the kitchen :)
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    Some interesting and unusual parking solutions..... I wouldn't want anyone to think this posting is sexist, so I think I ought to say that the fact that there is a woman near each car is probably entirely a coincidence:tup: :eek: :oops: :bigsmile: :S :lol:
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    I'm about to fit a heater in my old '70s throwback custom Marina van and need a neat way of running the heater hoses in the engine bay and particularly through the bulkhead. The engine bay is mega clean with all the wires etc running inside the wings so nothing is on show. I would like the...
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    Hello. Thought I would start off "on the dark side" with the pics I finished with on the "other side". Mainly cos I haven't had time to do any more yet. But I will.
1-5 of 5 Results