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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hi Everybody , My name is Will. Im a 21 year old Engineer from Lincolnshire . I am currently restoring a 1956 chevy pickup , with 327 backed by a turbo 350, sitting on a heidst clip . At the back ive kept the stock axle, but ive added a 4 link kit and heidst springs to match . Some of you...
  2. Who are ya ??
    Hey All, Got the idea in my head to build another hot rod and possibly sell my '57 Ford f100 out here(American born and raised, but currently living in London) so figured I'd jump on to start getting a feel for what might be in the country in regards to steel, late body, Model A Ford coupes on...
  3. Who are ya ??
    I used to be a Lurker on this site a while back but that was just too creepy, so I decided to register. At the moment I drive a 53 Chevy Bel air pretty much on a daily basis. I don't know much about engines, so please excuse me if I ask all sorts of dumb questions. What I do hope to get is any...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi mate i just got a mk2 consul today and i am going to gasser it and it would be grat if you can give me some info to help me out with sorting the front end out as i dont no the best way to get her up in the air.Many thanks Shane Hi Shane Welcome to rods n Sods mate :tup: To go for the...
  5. Freebies
    Oops, wrong place. Please delete : )
  6. On Topic
    Hi All, I'm a recent convert from the VW scene and I'm looking for my first Rod, unfortunately I'm not too sure of the different styles available. What do you call the style of rod that has been heavily chopped and channeled, similar to the ones below: More importantly, what can I expect to...
1-6 of 6 Results