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    The next stop on my trip to California was the NHRA Museum in Pomona just outside of Los Angles, this is a must for the Nostalgic Hot Rodder And Drag Racer , there is something for everyone , even a few of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame. I hope you like the Pictures
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    Channel 5 aren't running the NHRA Full Throttle coverage this year - short of flying over there, does anyone know of any sattelite channels/pod casts/internet trickery that is running coverage this year?
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    Audio transmission live from Finals on NHRA website now.:tup:
  4. On Topic reduce power!? thats like stroking a cat backwards. its just wrong.
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    Anyone else going to the Vegas Nats and the SEMA show? A few of us will be there all week from the 30th if anyone wants to catch up for a beer? and my 50th on the 6th!!! :D Nigel
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    Just read this, shame if it's true..................
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    Anyone recommend a hotel/motel/B&B in or near Englishtown, New Jersey? We're over in a couple of week for the NHRA meet and haven't found anywhere via the interweb yet. Anyone been there before?
1-7 of 7 Results