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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a '97 Chevy S10 with a manual 4.3 V6, which had a new driveshaft and clutch plate put in last year (apparently). I've only had it 8 months, but in the last few weeks has started making a fairly quiet/subtle crunching kind of sound (sounds like somebody is stirring a bowl full of...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Got a vacuum advance Mallory dual point in my sons coupe thats making a steady clicking noise, like the rotor arm's hitting the cap [bit like a elec fuel pump noise]. any one know what it could be? taken cap off and looks fine
  3. Tech Discussion
    and its weeing me off,:sniff: the noise is a knock that goes faster when i go faster been through the back end changed the rear wheel bearings both sides,both sets,replaced diff oil with correct amount,no lose bolts around the calipers,there is one thing ive noticed with a little bit of play and...
1-3 of 3 Results