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    C'mon there's gotta be some fans amongst all you heathens :lol: :incheek: This is probably my favourite Motown track... ...or is it this one :lol: ...
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    Is it right that Mick Tebbs and Russ Duce are standing down from running the club ?? As i wondered if The hotrod holiday would be taking place ? as i use it to tie in with my event the week before and tell people that, and a lot stay on and then travel over to cleethorpes, Anyone know anything...
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    Anyone going to this, not heard it mentioned yet on here and its this Sunday. Cant be much more to do this year so must be worth a look. I put a call out on the relay classified for a ride only (no parts) for myself (cant drive right now:sniff:, I'm in S.Lincs) but not heard from anyone. So if...
  4. What, Where, When ? Just found this - looks like fun :D If anyone is looking for something different to do at Easter it could be what you need :cool: Buy a cheap cool ride and take it waaay up Northern Europe.
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    can they be seen for this island ? we;v been on about seeing them for years but i dont much fancy going to norway (or someplace equally as cold !!) iv been having a google about it and some sites say they can be seen clearly from scotland and others say not anyone ????? cheers :tup:
1-5 of 5 Results