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    Did'nt expect this on the NSRA, just had a notification for free Scandinaven porn from someone going under the name of Pienisciewhew:wanker: gutted i thought someone wanted to buy my stuff...... am i the only one
  2. Chat
    Hi guys, I feel embarrased to ask this on here, but does anyone have the phone number for Dik, the guy who is in charge of the trade applications for the swapmeet. I only ask as the works internet has banned me from getting on to the NSRA swapmeet. Cheers, Stu.
  3. Chat
    Is it worth going to the swap meet ? as the rabble (me) cannot get in till 10am and the traders and there mates have had hours to snaffle the good stuff, anyone else think like this ?
  4. Chat
    Not long now, who's going and who's trading there........................ Rods 'n' sods stall any one ?...................... Dave.
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Has anyone got a 1996 (6th) Supernats dash plaque ? I'm also after 1995 & 1996 Billing dash plaque.
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    been trying to get on the nsra forum but it seems to have gone ,,,,,,,,, any one on here haveing the same trouble ,,,edd
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    He's got something for sale I'm interested in.
  8. On Topic
    Have I missed something? ? ? - was goin but then changed my mind
  9. Chat
    Been trying to register on there for a few weeks now but always hit the same problem:cry: I do the date of birth and agree to the terms, third page is filled in but there's no image in the image verification bit to type in? All I ever get is: The string you entered for the image verification...
  10. On Topic
    had a great weekend see pics here
  11. Chat
    Do you think we should charge NSRA members to use this site? JUST JOKING LOL HA HA HA TONGUE IN CHEEK HONEST:pmsl::pmsl::pmsl: Just getting my coat
1-11 of 12 Results