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    Hi, Anyone got a phone number for UK Blowers ? I'm after some front and rear cover gaskets for a 14-71 (otherwise i'll make em) Cheers Wayne
  2. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know where to find the engine number on a crysler 360 fitted in an 03 Dodge ram thanks in advance:tup:
  3. Chat
    Is it possible to get the chassis number of a car from it's reg number ? Alternatively, can a log book be applied for on reg number alone ? Cheers in advance :tup:
  4. Chat
    Does anyone know where i can get vinyl number stickers. I need three no. 1's for racing at Big Bang. Probably being lazy and not searching properly, but i can't seem to find any decent ones:pmsl::shake: or ones without the prefix:)
  5. Chat
    Hi All, Has anyone got a contact number for Andy "sidspop" ASAP Thanks in advance. Russ. 07762 - 747643.
  6. Chat
    Hi guys, I feel embarrased to ask this on here, but does anyone have the phone number for Dik, the guy who is in charge of the trade applications for the swapmeet. I only ask as the works internet has banned me from getting on to the NSRA swapmeet. Cheers, Stu.
  7. Chat
    :D That felt nice :D
  8. Tech Discussion
    My mate has a french comptesse break 50cc micro car.He has no paper work.And cannot find a chassis number.How does he get a v5 .Also would it need seat belts has its not got any.It was built around 1979/ 80s
  9. Chat
    any one got contact number for "Nervous bob" im after some flatty bits thanks in advance kev
  10. On Topic
    What height size does a vin number require 5mm? 6mm? :beuj:
  11. On Topic
    I don't think this has been covered elsewhere. Apologies if it has. My Moto Guzzi is an E Reg, 1986 or whatever. However, I've modded it a bit and it looks older. Apart from the yellow number plate. I've seen pre-1971 suffix plates for as little at £50 on those cherished number websites...
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Does anyone know who sells the number plate brackets, I need 1 bracket that bolts to the front bumper with the plate. And the other bracket needs to bolt to the rear light. It's for an f100 pick up thanks
  13. On Topic
    so, whats the deal with a 100kg weight difference? If I have a project car that weighs 1450kg, and a donor that weighs 1350kg, is it going to work? for this exercise, i'm planning on using the rear ale out of the donor car as well. The donor car is stupid fast as it, with about 160bhp, whereas...
  14. Chat
    Then download rage against machine and get them to number one for crimbo! - Read all about it on the facebook page below! - the plan is to get them to number one and knock the X factor tosh off the top spot!!! excellent - but you gotta download it before the 19th from one of the suppliers on...
  15. Chat
    A mate of mine has been trying to contact Rodbodies (Fenland), he's got two numbers for them but... 01945 482364 gives "number not recognised" and 01945 772714 says it can't accept incoming calls(!?) anyone got an alternative number they know that works? Cheers, Rich
  16. Tech Discussion
    87 HF **** AA ...Granada ?
  17. Chat
    does any one have a contact number for 'russ gaylord fontana' please, if so could you please pm me with it. many thanks Danny
  18. On Topic
    can i put 1 of them on my car or as it got to be standerd car size.thanks for help
  19. On Topic
    Seeing as we seem to have a couple of number plate posts up at the top about plates thought it might be a good idea to stick this link up for reference. You can only legally run small plates on an import...
1-20 of 26 Results