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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Lenox holesaws + arbours £40:00 + p&p SOLD 65mm x1 60mm X2 51mm x1 44mm x1 38mm x2 32mm x1 30mm x1 29mm x1 20mm x2 17mm x1 16mm x1 arbors 32mm-152mm x3 14mm-30mm x1 Metal Joggle strips x30 with fixing holesto hang plastic parts bins,each one will hold 2 or 3 bins depending on...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know what thread a nut for a l86c spark plug is? I mean the main threading which would normally screw into the block. I know it is M14, but it isn't a standard thread size, so does anywhere sell nuts to fit it?
  3. On Topic
    Pulled the A brakes apart first thing and as no parts here decided to pop round on a garage tour using the Special . Saw Pete F on here and then over to Matts ( Deuce Tudor ) to check his ride out. Just outside his place is a large roundabout and when I left threw it in and went to flick it...
1-3 of 3 Results